Homegrown Organic Food

Homegrown Organic Food for the Family

by Jenny Slabber Talborne Organics


EAT YOUR ORGANIC GARDEN is the “HOTTEST” gardening trend of 2012.  

Our modern day quest for health has proven healthy food to be the basis of good health. Not only does food supply us with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to build strong bodies, but other components such as enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and fiber are responsible for preserving our health.  Freshly picked organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts are known to contain vastly more beneficial properties, and nothing compares with the flavor of homegrown! Produce grown organically in your own garden gives you the assurance that your family’s food is safe and not contaminated by toxins often used in commercial growing. Gardening supply stores stock seedlings, fruit trees, seeds, composts, organic fertilizers and sprays for food garden successes at a fraction of the price of bought produce.


Grow your own edibles like the professionals.  

Talborne Organics has added Vita Veg 6:3:4(16) organic fertilizer to their range. It  contains all the nutrients required for healthy homegrown edibles and Certified Organic by the Organic Food Federation of the UK, for strictest human and environmental safety standards.

Biogrow natural Organic solutions offer a full range of natural pest and disease control products to protect your produce from unwelcome bugs.  After all who wants to spray toxic poisons onto food! Pyrol can be used against ants, cutworm and established insect infestations. Neudosan and Bioneem contain no poisons and are tough on baddies but soft on beneficials such as bees and ladybirds. Say goodbye to snails and slugs with poison free Ferramol pasta pellets.

Edible gardening should be a family affair as life skills such as caring, responsibility, self reliance and reward are taught in a natural environment.

 Jane's Delicious Books

IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT: Jane’s Delicious Garden and Jane’s Delicious Herbs published by Jonathan Ball Publishers, will give you many ideas, hints and inspiration for edible gardening.